We will come to your house within one hour of your phone call, and fix your garage door opener on the spot. If you’re not impressed by the above claim, you probably haven’t been shopping around very much. The fact is, most garage door companies will try and force a new garage door opener on you, even if the old one is still serviceable. 

Because they can… And because it’s more profitable to sell you a whole new garage door opener than to repair the one you have… And also because they don’t know how to fix garage door openers. That’s lame! Garage door companies should know how to repair the openers they service and sell.

Best and Fast Garage Door Can Fix Any Opener Ever Made

On the other hand, we willing and able to repair your opener. No matter which brand or what model. Our garage door opener technicians love their work, especially the part where your family beams at the sights and sounds of a garage door that runs like new. When you call us, you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that we’ll take care of everything. Our seasoned technicians bring with them all the parts, bells and whistles and all the knowledge, experience and tricks that only two decades of dedicated garage door repair can produce. Yes, we can repair or replace your malfunctioning garage door opener in one visit, usually in less that an hour.

The automatic garage door opener was invented in the state of  Michigan by two brothers we always been at the forefront of garage door technology. We were the first garage door company in the area to offer rolling code programming, and the first to install the latest auto-reverse safety features – a full 4 years before they became the law.

In addition, we’re still the only full-service garage door company in the area to offer round-the-clock service. we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, because we know that garage door openers can’t tell time.

Call us First For The Best In Service

But garage door openers are well acquainted with Murphy’s Law, because we all know that garage doors will break down at the worst possible moment. The experts at we can keep Murphy at bay for decades. We understand that a brand name garage door opener, when installed properly, can be expected to last for decades with little or maintenance. All you have to do is keep one eye (and one ear) on your garage door opener to make sure all is well. At the very first sign (or sound) of trouble, you should call B & F before your garage door opener gets any worse.

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